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Other products

Here you can find other interesting products

Nappe- Automatic grease station

This grease station is produced in type 1-3 depended on how many bearing positions needed lubrication.
1 is from 1-2 position, 2 is from 1-4 positions and 3 is from 1-6 positions.
The grease Kaiszer pump use is high qulity grease and carefully selected after the working conditions of the bearings.
Contact us for more information.


Mechanical seals

Kaiszer pump supply mechanical seal's for most pump brands. Everything from single mechanical seal to double mechanical seal. We also produce mechanical seal's for special demands on demand. Contact us for more information.

Mech seal.jpg

Flexible flange compensators

Flexible flange com pensators for compensate vibrations from the pump to pipe.


Base plates

We produce custom made base plates for all types of pumps. Contact us for more information.


Submersible agitator: RMY-1

Speed:Mixed flow agitator speed 360- 1450rpm

push tyoe agitator speed 36-115rpm

Liquid Temperature:≤40℃

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